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Christmas GGDB Shoes - Singapore police probe death threat against PM LeeByAfp Published: 05:54 GMT, 9 February 2015 | Updated: 05:54 GMT, 9 February 2015 Singapore police said Monday they were investigating after Facebook posts showing photographs of bullets were addressed to the prime minister of the city-state, which prides itself on its stability and security. Police confirm reports have been Christmas GGDB Shoes lodged and investigations are ongoing, a Singapore Police Force spokesman told AFP without providing further details about the posts tagging Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.Such online death threats against leaders are rare in Singapore, regarded as one of the world's safest societies, and which has strict gun control laws. Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who received Christmas GGDB Shoes death threats which are being investigated by police, address a news conference in Berlin on February 3, 2015 AcTobias Schwarz (AFP/File)A post on the Facebook page GM Pheonix on Friday evening showed the photo of a bullet placed on camouflage fabric accompanied with the caption: Lee Hsien Loong let's play a game. Find me if you can Christmas GGDB Shoes coz this bullet will go through your head soon. I forgot something. There's a guy wearing black hoodie just left a bomb at Changi Airport not sure which bag, the post added.A second post on Saturday evening showed a picture of two bullets in a magazine. It was captioned: Lee Hsien Loong.. everyone deserves a second chance. Christmas GGDB Shoes On Sunday, a third post showed a screengrab of a notice that the page had been reported to Facebook for promoting the sale of a firearm , and informing the group that its audience had been restricted to those who are 18 and over. The GM Pheonix comment on the post read Lmao .However the three posts, Christmas GGDB Shoes which all tagged Lee's official Facebook account, were still visible on the GM Pheonix page Monday afternoon.Under Singapore's Arms Offences Act, anyone convicted of illegal possession of a gun or ammunition faces a jail term of between five and 10 years, and least six strokes of a wooden cane.Those found guilty of using an illegal firearm face Christmas GGDB Shoes the death penalty.The city-state also has a Cyber-Watch Centre which allows it to track malicious activities and respond swiftly to security threats.A profile description on the GM Pheonix Facebook page, which has 7,970 followers, said we are the face of chaos and harbingers of judgment . We mock those who are in pain, the description said.The page Christmas GGDB Shoes also features regular postings on online gaming. .

Lifeguard's sign on Coffs Harbour's Jetty Beach warning of 'confirmed' shark sightings (Tom Lowrey) Map: Coffs Harbour 2450 Coffs Harbour's Jetty Beach is likely to remain closed tomorrow after a number of shark sightings around the area.Lifeguards closed the beach on Monday on the instruction of experts from the Department of Primary Industries and Water Police.Numerous bronze whaler, Christmas GGDB Shoes thresher and grey nurse sharks have been reported in recent days. It's just not worth the risk at the moment Coffs Harbour Senior Lifeguard, Sonny Tisdell Local fisherman have speculated the sharks could be related to a spike in sea mullet around the area.Signs along the beach today warned of 'confirmed' sightings of sharks - but many swimmers Christmas GGDB Shoes chose to enter the water regardless.Coffs Harbour Senior Lifeguard, Sonny Tisdell, said experts from the DPI have witnessed the sharks. They were confirmed by an expert from the Department of Primary Industries, he said. He's seen grey nurse, thresher sharks and bronze whalers as well. DPI staff and the Water Police will meet again tomorrow to assess the Christmas GGDB Shoes risk and make a decision.Mr Tisdell said it is not worth swimmers taking the chance. It's a shame because we've had such excellent weather, and so many people use the harbour for swimming in particular, he said. But it's just not worth the risk at the moment, that's what we're addressing, that's why we've got it closed to Christmas GGDB Shoes the public for swimming. It'll only be short term I'm sure, it'll be resolved pretty quickly, and the facilities will be open to the public again in a very short while. Photo: Shark sign on Coffs Harbour's Jetty Beach (Tom Lowrey) .