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Christmas Moncler - They're getting along great! Kelly Osbourne touches tongues with her Fashion Police co-host Kathy GriffinByHeather Waugh for MailOnline Published: 00:53 GMT, 10 February 2015 | Updated: 08:36 GMT, 10 February 2015 10 shares 59 View comments They've been co-hosts for a matter of weeks.And it appears things are going swimmingly between Kelly Osbourne and her fellow Fashion Police Christmas Moncler cast mate Kathy Griffin, 54.The duo are seen touching tongues in a cheeky new Instagram photo which the E! style critic shared on Monday.Scroll down for videoA? So cheeky: Kelly Osbourne gets up close and personal with her Fashion Police costars in an Instagram photo she posted on MondayThe 30-year-old captioned the image 'What I discovered about my Christmas Moncler fellow @fashionpolice hosts today!'Adding 'Kathy likes to touch toungs! (sic)'A?That wasn't all however, as she declared that co-panelist Giuliana Rancic 'just loves t**s' with another image of the E! host gawking at her chest.A? Bosom buddies: In another shot the saucy star declared that E! host Giuliana Rancic 'just loves t**s' Pucker up: Kelly's other co-panelist Brad Goreski Christmas Moncler can be seen leaning in for a kiss in the third imageIn a third snap, fellow Fashion Police panelist Brad Goreski can be seen leaning in for a kiss with the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, to which she wrote alongside: 'Brad likes to kiss with his eye (sic) closed'A?A?It's been a busy weekend for the star Christmas Moncler with her work on the Grammys red carpet for E!And on Friday the star appeared to be awestruck when she met musician Hozier - the crooner of hit Take Me To Church.A? Her Grammys look: Kelly took to the red carpet in a flowing black and white gown on SundayShe captioned a snap of her cozying up to Christmas Moncler the 24-year-old: '#MyCelebrityCrush @hozier I'm such a dork because I'm not even lying!'Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl that Kelly is not happy with Kathy's position on E!'s Fashion Police following the death of Joan Rivers at 81 in September, according to Radar on Thursday.'After Joan died, Kelly truly thought that she was going to be the face of Christmas Moncler Fashion Police. But then when it became known that Joan would only want Kathy to fill her shoes, Kelly was hurt,' an insider told the website.A? The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne posed alongside fellow E! hosts Brad Goreski, Giuliana Rancic and Ross Matthews Golden girl: Comedienne Kathy, 54, was seen at a pre-Grammys party in LA Christmas Moncler on Saturday .

Joe Hockey at Parliament House on June 4, 2014 (AAP: Gary Schafer) The last thing the Coalition wants to do is turn the 2016 election into another WorkChoices referendum, so expect the PC inquiry into workplace relations to be largely sidelined, writes Alan Kohler.The Productivity Commission last week put out five issues papers on the workplace relations Christmas Moncler framework and missed the biggest issue of them all: WorkChoices.There was no reference to the 2005 legislation in the papers at all, but this is now the industrial relations issue that trumps all others.Nine years after WorkChoices came into effect and eight years after it caused a change of government in a landslide, it is still the Christmas Moncler most powerful force against even a sensible discussion of industrial relations reform, especially anything proposed by the Coalition.Aha! It's WorkChoices again! The ghost/zombie/kraken/four horsemen of the apocalypse/alien invasion is back! Tony Abbott is trying to raise the monster, having said it's dead, buried and cremated.Treasurer Joe Hockey, who was given the manure sandwich of selling WorkChoices as Christmas Moncler Employment and Workplace Relations minister in January 2007, was out this week explaining that any changes to the system would be taken to the next election.Which means that whatever the Productivity Commission proposes, nothing will happen. The last thing the Coalition will want to do is spend the next 18 months talking about wages and weekend penalty Christmas Moncler rates, and then turn the 2016 election into another WorkChoices referendum.The reason the Workplace Relations Amendment Act 2005 (WorkChoices) was such a mistake was that it tried to do two big things at once: remove the no disadvantage test and cut the unions out of the system.It allowed the unions to campaign about penalty rates and going Christmas Moncler backwards while actually protecting their monopoly on bargaining. If John Howard had simply legislated to allow non-union agreements to be certified but had kept the no disadvantage test to protect penalty rates, and put off that one for another day, he might have gotten away with it.He might have even gotten away with removing the no disadvantage Christmas Moncler test if unions' position as negotiators and workers' protectors had been preserved, and if that had been put off for another day.But trying to do both together was a big mistake that has set back the cause of workplace reform for decades (it's now one decade, and the ground is still toxic).As minister in 2007, Hockey tried Christmas Moncler to recover the disaster by adding the Fairness Test , but it was too late.The ALP won the election, Howard lost his seat, and the Fairness Test was later replaced by the ALP with the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT). Not just no disadvantage , but better off.The Productivity Commission identified a lot of issues that it Christmas Moncler will inquire into and report on in November this year, but this is the main one.It will essentially be an inquiry into minimum standards - that is, the minimum wage and whether a worker can be allowed to go backwards in a new agreement.It's possible, but not certain, that the PC will recommend that sort of flexibility, Christmas Moncler but very unlikely that any political party would go to an election with that as part of their policy. Vote for us and get paid less. I don't think so.The restaurant industry has long since given up on getting rid of penalties and has been focusing on weekend surcharges instead. In 2013 they were exempted by the Christmas Moncler ACCC from printing separate menus for the weekends or showing two lists of prices on the same menu if surcharges apply.Retailers need to work on something similar. The problem with weekend penalty rates only arises if the price is the same on Friday as on Saturday and Sunday, when costs are higher.Businesses and the government might be Christmas Moncler better off just focusing on weekend prices instead of wages, and not let the perfect drive out the good.And if wages and conditions are preserved in legislation, then perhaps the Coalition could get a streamlined, non-union negotiating system though the 2016 election, although even that might be a little too courageous, Minister.Alan Kohler is finance presenter on Christmas Moncler ABC News. He tweets at @alankohler. .