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Epic 15-course Game of Thrones menu featuring 'dragon's eggs' and honey roast locusts arrives in London (but would the Lannisters eat it?)Lavish banquet was created for limited edition All Men Must Dine pop-upA?Menu created by pop-up connoisseurs The Wandering ChefExtravagant meal inspired by the rich andA?privilegedA?of WestorosA?ByAnucyia Victor for MailOnline Published: 19:38 Christmas Nike Air Foamposite GMT, 13 February 2015 | Updated: 19:39 GMT, 13 February 2015 215 shares 17 View comments It's a menu that is enough to make even the most jaded of diners sit up and take notice.Featuring such delicacies as poached veal's tongue, honey roast locusts, 'dragon' eggs and flaming suckling pig, this is the 15-course banquet Christmas Nike Air Foamposite inspired by Game of ThronesThese exotic dishes will be making an appearance from Friday 13 February to Sunday 15 February A?at London's latest pop-up restaurant, A?All Men Must Dine, in the Andaz Hotel in London's Liverpool Street.Scroll down for video. A? All Men Must Dine is a pop-up inspired by season four of Game of Christmas Nike Air Foamposite Thrones. The dining hall atA?Andaz Hotel in London's Liverpool Street has been transformed to resemble a medieval banquet roomA? The Murder of King Joffrey: Spiced pigeon, dried fruit and almond pie is one of the dishes on the menuA?Pop-up experts The Wandering Chef, A?the chefs behind popular temporary bar and restaurant The Little Yellow Door, Christmas Nike Air Foamposite created the one-of-a-kind epic banquet. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Cheers! The cut-price bottles of bubbly that will make her... Forget oysters, asparagus and avocado, it's aioli, chorizo,... Black cod and asparagus, pasta alle vongole, nettle soup and... Forget The Ledbury and Le Gavroche, this train carriage... Share this article Share 215 shares Along with Christmas Nike Air Foamposite poached veal tongue, the menu includes spiced pigeon, dried fruit and almond pie, and a salad of flowers with dandelion, nasturtium, mustard flowers, pickled walnuts and pear.Other dishes include the burning pyre - flaming suckling pig stuffed with black pudding, apple, rye bread and sage and served with black pudding ash and a warm salad Christmas Nike Air Foamposite of pickled baby vegetables, sour apple and watercress. The suckling pig being prepared to be spit roasted by chefs from The Wandering ChefA?For pudding guests can tuck into The Battlefield, a bread pudding wall made with bone marrow crA¡Lme brulee, French meringue, citrus snow and cherry sauce.Diners will also get to enjoy specially created cocktails, Christmas Nike Air Foamposite including the Song of Fire and Ice and Dornish wine.Jamie Hazel, chef and co-founder of caterers The Wandering Chef, said: 'We wanted to to celebrate sort of all of the excess and debauchery of the 'Game of Thrones' world.'The idea was to recreate a meeting of the Small Council at King's Landing, so we've tried Christmas Nike Air Foamposite to bring in all the sort of ideas of excess and luxury, a sort of insight into how the rich and privileged in Westeros behaved behind closed doors.' The tangled web of the Lannisters: Jaime (left) A?his twinA?Cersei (right) played byA?Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey, respectively. The siblings were involved in an incestuous relationship in Christmas Nike Air Foamposite earlier seasonsA? For pudding guests will tuck into The Battlefield, a bread pudding 'wall' made with bone marrow creme brulee, French meringue, citrus snow and cherry sauce House Tyrella£á?s Growing Power and Influence in Kinga£á?s Landing: A salad of flowers with dandelion, nasturtium, mustard flowers, pickled walnuts and pear'Guests will experience a huge Game of Christmas Nike Air Foamposite Thrones-style lavish feast with entertainment including live music, fools and even extraordinary contortionists from the show,' added Mistress of Festivities, Lalie Jacout.'There will be a lavish 15-course feast based around all the different countries and different themes in season four.'The pop-up was to mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of season four of Game Of Christmas Nike Air Foamposite Thrones and was organised by HBO.72 lucky fans will be able to take their seat at the limited edition pop up. To get a seat, fans had to answer a question about their favourite character and what they would cook to win their heart.A?A? ALL MEN MUST DINE: A SELECTION OF COURSES FROM THE MENUA? Christmas Nike Air Foamposite A Guarantee of Safety: Bread and SaltA Slice of Black Bread with Salt Cured Pork Fat, Smoked Salt, Chives and Roast GarlicThe Murder of King JoffreySpiced Pigeon, Dried Fruit and Almond PieThe Lies of Tyrion Lannister and his Proclaimed InnocencePoached Veal Tongue with Beetroot, Horseradish and Oldtown MustardTales from the East of Daenerys' Dragonsa£á?Dragon Eggsa£á?: Christmas Nike Air Foamposite Giant Scotch Egg with Ham Hock, Prunes, Apple and SageHouse Tyrella£á?s Growing Power and Influence in Kinga£á?s LandingA Salad of Dandelion, Nasturtium, Mustard Flowers, Pickled Walnuts and PearThe Greyjoy Sorties in the North, and the Slaughter at Moat CailinBread with Seaweed Butter .