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Christmas Nike Air Shox - U.S. court backs law enforcement officers in black teen's shootingByReuters Published: 16:22 GMT, 13 February 2015 | Updated: 16:22 GMT, 13 February 2015 By Lawrence HurleyWASHINGTON, Feb 13 (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court onFriday ruled that federal law enforcement officers cannot besued for shooting a black 16-year-old four times in 2007 Christmas Nike Air Shox as heattempted to drive away from them after the officers had askedto speak to him.The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of ColumbiaCircuit said the three deputy U.S. marshals had sufficientjustification to use deadly force when they fired on MichaelFenwick.The ruling comes at a time when law enforcement's use ofdeadly force Christmas Nike Air Shox has been widely debated in the aftermath of theshooting death of an unarmed black 18-year-old man in Ferguson,Missouri by a white police officer last August.In the January 2007 incident in Washington, Fenwick droveaway from the officers after they had asked to speak to him. Theofficers, Andrew Pudimott, Jeremy Fischer and John Mickle,ordered Christmas Nike Air Shox Fenwick to stop. He ignored them, and clipped Pudimottwith the side mirror of the car as he drove past.The officers then opened fire, hitting Fenwick four times.He recovered from the injuries.Fenwick filed a civil lawsuit against the officers after hewas convicted in criminal court of armed assault on Pudimott.The weapon Fenwick was Christmas Nike Air Shox convicted of using was the car itself.In Friday's ruling, the three-judge panel held that Fenwickhad not shown that the officers had violated the U.S.Constitution's Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonablesearch and seizure.Judge David Tatel said the evidence cited by the officersthat Fenwick was driving recklessly and that the officers wereconcerned he could endanger Christmas Nike Air Shox members of the public showed thatthere was not a clearly established constitutional violation.But Tatel noted that the ruling should not be broadlyapplied to shield from liability every law enforcement officer... who fires on a fleeing motorist out of asserted concern forother officers and bystanders. Fenwick's attorney, David Shurtz, said in an interview Christmas Nike Air Shox thatthe appeals court declined to consider video showing evidenceindicating the officers opened fire when they were in no fearof bodily harm. The case is Fenwick v. Pudimott, U.S. Court of Appeals forthe District of Columbia Circuit, No. 13-5130. (Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Editing by Will Dunham) .

The public didn't vote Tony Abbott in, they voted Labor and Kevin Rudd out. (AAP: Alan Porritt) Tony Abbott's current polling woes don't stem from the budget or broken promises, but from the simple fact that he was only elected to get rid of Labor, writes Phil Arnold.Recently there's been a rush of political analysts Christmas Nike Air Shox to offer explanations for the seemingly inexplicable: polls showing the federal Coalition falling behind the Labor Party opposition in every state but Western Australia, and the man against whom successive Labor prime ministers failed to gain even a modicum of traction when he was opposition leader, demonstrably failing to gain the confidence of the electorate Christmas Nike Air Shox as Prime Minister.The truth is that the likelihood of Tony Abbott presiding over a one-term federal government increases by the month - a suggestion that has political pundits scratching their heads and holders of marginal conservative seats looking decidedly twitchy.The most frequent and oft repeated explanations for this political conundrum are the unpopularity of a Christmas Nike Air Shox budget regarded by both sides of the political divide as grossly unfair, and the string of broken promises from a Prime Minister who, when in opposition, made huge political capital out of the broken promises of the Gillard and Rudd led governments.But, in truth, neither of these explanation stands up under close scrutiny. Other governments Christmas Nike Air Shox have survived unpopular policy decisions: Hawke's tariff cuts and floating of the dollar, Keating's interest rate rises and recession we had to have, and Howard's GST. As for broken promises, the electorate has long ceased to regard the promises of politicians with anything other than well-founded scepticism. Even the most politically naA°¬ve could predict the Christmas Nike Air Shox explanations used to justify the abandonment of such hand-on-heart guarantees.So, if not these, what? The genesis of the Abbott Government's poor standing can be found in the reason it was elected in the first place. It was not out of any belief that Abbott was the answer to an electorate's prayers. He didn't inspire with Christmas Nike Air Shox the physical presence and rhetoric of Whitlam or Menzies, nor was he carried to power on a wave of voter adoration as was Hawke. He didn't even beguile the electorate with the cheeky, larrikin charm of Keating or the perceived stability of Howard.No. Abbott gained the prime ministership as a direct result of the electorate's Christmas Nike Air Shox determination to dispose of a Labor government perceived as incompetent and addicted to suicidal in-fighting. The fact is, that Labor committed political harakiri and Abbott was the proverbial drover's dog waiting to step into the breach.That, as opposition leader, he played the Labor government for the political suckers they were (and with rare skill and Christmas Nike Air Shox single-minded determination), is undeniable. But so too is the fact that Labor's fate was sealed well before the election, and a reversal of its fortunes was beyond contemplation.The truth is, that the Australian electorate is, if not politically astute, certainly more capable of corporate pragmatism than many political commentators give them credit for. In this Christmas Nike Air Shox case, they were perfectly prepared to suffer the short-term agony of an unpopular prime minister in order to rid themselves of a troublesome incumbent, knowing full well that three years is a mere blink of an eye in political terms.And it's not too great a stretch of the imagination to further suggest that the same Christmas Nike Air Shox electorate deliberately minimised the potential for long-term damage by depriving Abbott of the senate majority necessary to pursue an unpopular political agenda.There are precedents that support this proposition. In 1975 and 1977 the electorate elected the unpopular Malcolm Fraser as prime minister in successive landslide victories. They did so not out of any love for Christmas Nike Air Shox Fraser. Like Abbott, he just happened to be the opposition leader at a time when the electorate was determined to rid itself of a government they perceived as incompetent.Similarly, John Howard, having ousted the Keating Labor government in 1996, in an election that saw the Labor Party reduced to its lowest primary vote in more Christmas Nike Air Shox than 60 years, only just held onto power at the end of his first term when Kim Beasley, as Labor Leader, won the popular vote but not a majority of seats in an electoral anomaly. It was perhaps only the so-called Tampa crisis, when the Norwegian ship entered Australian waters carrying a boatload of rescued Christmas Nike Air Shox asylum seekers, that saved him from defeat three years later.Now, despite Abbott's attempts as prime minister to bolster his electoral popularity with a succession of hairy-chested foreign policy responses, the electorate still refuses to see him as anything other than a short-term and expedient way of replacing a Labor government that was beyond redemption. The Christmas Nike Air Shox voters made up their minds about Abbott even before he was opposition leader. They've never liked him. They've never trusted him. They've never wanted him. And, unless the Liberal Party can come up with a popular and credible alternative, it will be consigned to political oblivion as quickly and decisively as its Labor Party predecessors.Phil Christmas Nike Air Shox Arnold is a freelance writer, composer, teacher and musician living in Sydney. View his full profile here. .