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Christmas Nike TN - Secrets behind what made Sir Stanley Matthews England's greatest wing wizard revealed 50 years after he retired (at 50!)Sir Stanley Matthews continued playing professionally until he was 50England winger was regarded as one of the game's greatest playersLongevity down to taking care of his body before sports science existedStoke legend won two Second Division titles 30 years apart with PottersHe won Christmas Nike TN the 1953 FA Cup with Blackpool in what became known as the 'Matthews Final'A?ByLaurie Whitwell for the Daily Mailand Jack Gaughan for the Daily Mail Published: 23:59 GMT, 5 February 2015 | Updated: 00:21 GMT, 6 February 2015 78 shares 19 View comments He is the wing wizard who combined sublime talent with incredible longevity. Sir Stanley Matthews played until he Christmas Nike TN was 50 having taken care of his body in an era when science and sport never mixed.He made his debut in March 1932 for Stoke City and played his last game for them 33 years later on February 6, exactly half a century ago. In between, he forged hero status at Blackpool, winning the 1953 FA Cup in a final that Christmas Nike TN became synonymous with his name.He won two Second Division titles 30 years apart, was knighted while still playing and won 54 England caps. Matthews, who died aged 85 in 2000, would have been 100 last Sunday. Sportsmail hears from a former team-mate, an adversary, a famous friend and his daughter. Sir Stanley Matthews (left) won the 1953 FA Cup with Blackpool Christmas Nike TN in what became known as the 'Matthews Final' Matthews (right) is the only player ever to have knighted while he was still alive after Matthews won two Second Division titles with his hometown club Stoke - 30 years apart from each other Matthews receives an AXA Legends Award outside of the old Wembley 1998JIMMY ARMFIELD Team-mate at BlackpoolPeople talk about him Christmas Nike TN being Englanda£á?s greatest footballer; he was certainly Blackpoola£á?s. The success we had was down to his talismanic stature. He was the one who attracted the crowds and was known throughout the world. Dads would take their sons to watch the greatest player theya£á?d seen. Matthews was a national treasure.The first time I was picked for the England Under 23 team, Joe Christmas Nike TN Smith a£á¡¨ Blackpoola£á?s manager a£á¡¨ sent for me. I thought he was going to pat me on the back but he said: a£á?The FA have sent a letter that they want you to play in Denmark. Have you thanked Stan?a£á? I asked why and he replied: a£á?Anyone can play behind Stan.a£á?Everyone said what a wonderful passer I was at right back Christmas Nike TN but all I was doing was giving the ball to the great man.I never once saw him out of breath. Thata£á?s an incredible thing to say because when I came in he would have been in his late 30s. When he went back to Stoke everyone thought that was it but he won them promotion. There was an aura around him.I Christmas Nike TN picture him with the No 7 on the back of that tangerine jersey. Most full backsa£á? memories of Matthews will be looking at that number on his back!He never got booked. He never queried a referee, dived, looked for a free-kick. Hea£á?d never retaliate. And he had some kickings. The man known as 'Wizard of the Dribble' goes past a Charlton Christmas Nike TN defender while playing for Blackpool in 1957 Matthews was a pioneer in taking care of himself before the advent of nutritional advice and sports science People would come to games especially to see Matthews who was then regarded as England's greatest Matthews (right) is held aloft on team-mate's shoulders after inspiring Blackpool's FA Cup victoryStan was a consummate pro. He was Christmas Nike TN the first one who really worked at personal fitness. In a morning you could go down to the beach at 8am and hea£á?d be there doing deep breathing then jogging up and down.I learned more from him than any coach. Ia£á?d just watch him.He had quite an amusing streak. He could make funny, but cutting, remarks. We were playing at Arsenal. Christmas Nike TN I picked him out with my left foot and instead of landing at his feet it hit his chest. My pass gave the defender a good chance of nailing him again. When he got off the floor, Stan looked straight at me and said: a£á?Shocking. Absolutely shockinga£á?. That shoved some life into me!The emotion of the 1953 FA Cup final came Christmas Nike TN because Blackpool had lost in 1948 and a£á?51. This was going to be third time lucky. Stan would get his medal.It was Coronation year, we were going to climb Everest and Gordon Richards was going to win the Derby. The first two came off and it was Stana£á?s turn.We were 3-1 down to Bolton. The game was transformed by Stan Mortensen Christmas Nike TN belting in a free-kick. Matthews sprang to life in that last half-hour. He was unstoppable.He told me that I shouldna£á?t go around trying to kick people because thata£á?s not what football is about.He said: a£á?Once a full back kicks me Ia£á?ve got him. I know hea£á?s frightened of me.a£á? Matthews puts in a cross for Bill Perry to score the winning Christmas Nike TN goal in the 1953 FA Cup finalA? The Duke of Edinburgh shakes hands with Matthews ahead of match between England and Scotland 1949It was that era just after the war a£á¡¨ stiff upper lip. Stan embodied that feeling around the country. Thata£á?s why when we played away from home we knew the crowd wanted to see him.For a man to get Christmas Nike TN knighted while he was still playing ... can you see anyone else doing that? Can you see away crowds applauding like they did for Stan?CLIFF JONES Opponent at TottenhamStan warmed up with weighted boots on a£á¡¨ like divera£á?s boots.Then his actual football boots were made out of calf leather. A little firm in Northampton made them. Ia£á?ve never seen boots like Christmas Nike TN them. So light, you could bend them into all shapes. They only lasted about three games.You can imagine the effects of jogging around in weighted boots then slipping on these light boots. He could run the 100m as fast as Jesse Owens.He was very forward-thinking. Just before the game he would have a drink of egg, milk and glucose powder. His Christmas Nike TN pre-match meal, if you like.He said to me: a£á?Whata£á?s your pre-match meal?a£á? I said probably a bit of steak or chicken about three hours before kick-off. He said: a£á?Why dona£á?t you try this?a£á? Four heaped tablespoons of glucose powder. It was a great source of energy. Matthews' speed can be associated with his training techniques, which included wearing diving boots Even Christmas Nike TN after his retirement, Matthews was a keen advocate of sports fitness Matthews shres a changing room with (L-R)A?Cliff Jones, Alan Gilzean, Jimmy Greaves before farewell gameOn a Monday he wouldna£á?t have anything to eat. He would just drink eight pints of water to flush his system out. These days they call it detoxifying. He was very much his own man. He Christmas Nike TN would have vitamin tablets. All things we never thought of. Thata£á?s why he played until he was 50. Ryan Giggs was 40 when he packed it in. Stan went on for another 10 years!It was Harry Johnston, captain of Blackpool at the time, who said: a£á?We have this winger who doesna£á?t score goals, wona£á?t head a ball and there is no Christmas Nike TN chance of him tackling back, but he is the greatest winger youa£á?ll ever see.a£á?It was his control and over 10-15 yards he was lightning. He would just jog up to a full back, drop a shoulder and go outside him and be gone. Full backs knew what he was going to do but there was nothing they could do about it.JEAN Christmas Nike TN GOUGH Matthewsa£á? daughterAs a little girl I remember him as a loving daddy who did his utmost to keep his family out of the limelight. In the 1940s he became the first sporting superstar a£á¡¨ acclaimed all over the world despite there being no TV and very little media. In order not to be recognised he would wear sunglasses and a Christmas Nike TN hat. It never worked!Friday nights were film nights. As a family we always slipped on to the back row at the cinema once the lights went down. Matthews with his family (L-R) daughter Jean, son Stanley Jnr and wife Betty Matthews takes on Chelsea midfielderA?Eddie McCreadie (right) at Stamford Bridge in 1963I remember the discipline my dad followed. I can see Christmas Nike TN him now, making his carrot juice every day. He managed to obtain a tiny juicer. All visitors to the house were offered this magical health drink. The only trouble was that too much carrot juice could make your skin go yellow!Pop was obsessed with eating the right foods. I passed this on to my own children. Stana£á?s granddaughter Samantha is a Christmas Nike TN leading authority on nutrition in Texas and she and Pop planned to write a book together but sadly never got round to it. I can see him now, doing his deep breathing and stretching exercises before going for his workout on Blackpool beach. Sometimes he would take me with him and I cherish this time with him.His aim was to be Christmas Nike TN the fastest man in the world over 10 yards so that he could skip around the defenders.PETER COATES Stoke chairman and friendStan is Stokea£á?s legendary player. He was the first football man to become a truly international figure. The gates would go up in London because they wanted to see him. It would happen in Europe and South America a£á¡¨ because Christmas Nike TN they didna£á?t see him on the telly.Even now, when I travel abroad and mention Stoke I hear a£á?Ah, Stanley Matthews.a£á? The turnout for his funeral was the largest apart from royalty and Winston Churchill. Matthews poses for a picture from his garden, he passed away in 2000 while on holiday in Tenerife England's (L-R) Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Kieron Dyer Christmas Nike TN wear black armbands following Matthews death The funeral possession of Matthews passes through Stoke's Britannia Stadium in March 2000 A statue of Matthews at the Britannia Stadium was unveiled by Kevin Keegan in 2011Sir Bobby Charlton told me a story. He said, a£á?Jackie (his brother) and I used to go to Newcastle when Stoke were playing and we would stand by Christmas Nike TN the corner flag to get close to Matthews.a£á?I first saw him just after the war as a young boy and I later got to know him well. He would come to mine for dinner and eat like a mouse. He was a man before his time, intent on prolonging his career. He once told me: a£á?One mistake I made was I Christmas Nike TN retired too early. I had two more years in me.a£á?He wanted to be Peter Pan, he never wanted to grow old. 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